ZUL'S Plate Shipping Fees

NEW! Shipping Fees for license plates are as follows:

I am currently calculating shipping costs based on a flat amount method.

$0.01 - 9.99 $ 4.50

$10.00 - 49.99 $ 6.50

$50.00 - 99.99 $ 8.50

$100.00 - 199.99 $ 10.50

$200.00 and over $ 20.00

With my previous method (and current method if not using the paypal shopping cart method) is $4.50 for the first three plates, and 50 cents for each additional plate.

1) If you spent $20.00 on one single environmental plate, the shipping with paypal is $6.50 with paypal shopping cart.

2) If you spent the same $20.00 for that plate but did NOT use paypal shopping cart, and instead mailed me a payment or made other arrangements (you could still pay with paypal, but just didn't use the shopping cart method) - the shipping would only be $4.50 saving you $2.00 in shipping the old way.

So where is the savings?

3) If you purchased 12 plates at $3.00 each the total is $36.00
- using the old method: $4.50 for the first three plates and 50 cents for each additional plate would bring the total shipping =(4.50 + (9 * .50))= $9.00 in shipping
- using the shopping cart method the flat fee would be $6.50 saving you $2.50 in shipping!

As you can see from the above examples, it can work to your advantage depending on how you shop, so feel free to use either method. If Paypal becomes more flexible in their shipping methods, then I'll modify it to exactly the same way as I have been, and there will be no difference (Hint: I may even add some incentive for you using paypal).

I will be happy to ship my plates world-wide. HOWEVER, the postage calculated with Pay Pal is for domestic postage, not out of the country. Please email me with your plate request, and I'll let you know what the postage fees will be. I always try to get the best rates possible. Typically I'll be shipping the package First Class International if it's under 13 ounces, if it's more than that then I'll usually send it Priority Mail International.