The trading terms/conditions for license plates are as follows:
  1. We both exchange emails agreeing to which plates (specifically) will be traded.
  2. Trading will be permitted with any active ALPCAmember in good standing.
  3. Trading will also be permitted with non-ALPCA members that I've either:
    1. already traded with, OR
    2. who are referred to me by someone who I've traded plates with.
  4. I will trade with active ALPCA UTAH members as well even if they are not ALPCA members.
  5. I will also trade with a person who is none of the above, provided that they send me their plates first. Upon receipt of the plates, then I'll send out my plates (as previously agreed upon) at that time.
  6. Because of the most recent raise in postal rates, the method of shipping will be the cheapest available. If you request that the plates have delivery confirmation, return receipt, or insurance, that would cost the receiver of the plates extra out of their pocket. I could arrange in the trade that if you did want any of the above, instead of paying me for that, you could "barter" for it with additional plates.
  7. We will each pay for our own postage.
  8. Because of the recent events for security reasons, I will only trade my plates to US or Canada residents living in the US or Canada.
  9. The plates being traded are for display/collection purposes only and are NOT to be placed on any vehicle. The plates that I receive in the trade I will have the option to do as I please with them (either keep them for my private collection, or trade or sell them off at my own discretion).

The SELLING terms/conditions are as follows:

  1. These terms/conditions are very similar in nature to those stated on my license plates for sale on Ebay - my user ID is zul32.
  2. Payment must be received before the plate(s) are to be sent out to you.
  3. The plates are for display/collection purposes only and are NOT to be placed on any vehicle.
  4. Payment must be in US funds.
  5. Personal checks require Eight (8) business days to clear. Personal checks must be from a US bank.
  6. Money orders will ship the next business day.
  7. If you have a Pay Pal account, I would prefer that you pay me with Pay Pal instead of check or money order. Even if you don't yet have a Pay Pal account, please feel free to contact me, or go to my main page; sign up, and then you'll be able to send money. OR, just CLICK HERE!
  8. I will be happy to ship my plates world-wide. HOWEVER, the postage calculated with Pay Pal is for domestic postage, not out of the country. Please email me with your plate request, and I'll let you know what the postage fees will be. I always try to get the best rates possible.

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