NOTE: All license plates wanted here I would like in very good or better condition. I'm always in need of these eastern states: Connecticut, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine (Chickadee or Lobster). I also need in bulk Utah "Ski" or "Arch" plates or current ID "Famous Potatoes" I'll be happy to pay .25 per plate plus shipping for them.

Utah Quarterly commercial license plates - also known as 'COMMERCIAL 1/4 YEAR' plates. These ran between about 1955 through 1973. I have some of the more recent ones, so please send me an email if you have any available for sale or trade?!

Any old Utah motorcycle plates

Any Utah non-passenger plates (Wrecker, dealer, farm, commercial, purple heart, etc.)

World Plates I've now decided to start collecting a plate from each country around the world.. off to a slow start... MAYBE YOU CAN HELP?? - If you want to trade an extra plate that you may have that's NOT already on my LIST for something that I have that would be GREAT!

1) *** 50-State Run for 2001 ***
I need PASSENGER plates with a June and 2001 year stickers on them


2) *** Plates needed for my Utah run ***
I need the following Utah PASSENGER plates:

  • 1923 (bad repaint)
  • 1930, and 1932
  • 1943, 1946

  • I'm also interested in a trade - I have a 1922 PAIR I would trade for something you may have that's on my list we could work something out. Any pre-state Utah plate, or dashboard shield would really be great too!

    3) *** Graphic Bird plates wanted for my new display! ***
    AR - Hummingbird "The Natural State"
    LA - Pelican (any year with it on there)
    LA - Pelican "Our Environment...Our Future"
    MI - Loon "Conserve Wildlife Habitat"
    MS - Turkey "Conserving Wildlife"
    NC - Cardinal
    NY - Eastern Bluebird on left "Conserve Open Space"
    OH - Bicentennial Bald Eagle
    OK - Turkey "Wildlife Conservation"
    OK - Scissortailed Flycatcher on right "Wildlife Conservation"
    OK - Bobwhite on left "Wildlife Conservation"
    VA - Turkey flying on left side "Wildlife Conservationist"
    WV - Grosbeak on left "Wild, Wonderful"
    If you know of any other states with birds on them, please email me!

    4) Passenger plates dated 1963. I need the following for my birth-year run:

    5) Passenger plates current graphic of:

    6) Motorcycle plates

    7) Motorcycle plates I need to complete my Canada run:

    8) Utah Arch Passenger Plates (singles) from each county in Utah:
    I need:
    San Juan, Daggett, Wasatch, Duchesne, Emery, Grand, Sevier, Beaver, Piute, Iron, Garfield, and Kane.

    9) Any US passenger plate older than 1915:
    It can be porcelain or not, as long as it's in VG or better condition... repaint/refurbish is alright too as long as it is done well.

    If you have any of the above plates, and would like to make a trade (see my trade pages), then email me!

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